Run MATLAB Functions with Distributed Arrays

Hundreds of functions in MATLAB® and other toolboxes are enhanced so that they operate on distributed arrays.

D = distributed(gallery('lehmer',n));
e = eig(D);

If any of the input arguments to these distributed-enabled functions is a distributed array, their output arrays are distributed, unless returning MATLAB data is more appropriate (for example, numel).

Distributed arrays are well suited for large mathematical computations, such as large problems of linear algebra. You can also use distributed arrays for big data processing. For more information on distributing arrays, see Distributing Arrays to Parallel Workers.

Check Distributed Array Support in Functions

If a MATLAB function has distributed array support, you can consult additional distributed array usage information on its function page. See Distributed Arrays in the Extended Capabilities section at the end of the function page.

You can also browse distributed support for functions, and filter by product. On the Help bar, click Functions. In the function list, browse the left pane to select a product, for example, MATLAB. At the bottom of the left pane, select Distributed Arrays. If you select a product that does not have distributed-enabled functions, then the Distributed Arrays filter is not available.

For information about updates to individual distributed-enabled functions, see the release notes.

To check support for special distributed data types, consult the following sections.

Support for Sparse Distributed Arrays

The following list shows functions that can help you work with sparse distributed arrays. In addition to this list, most element-wise functions in MATLAB also work for distributed arrays.

Support for Distributed calendarDuration Arrays

Support for Distributed categorical Arrays

Support for Distributed datetime Arrays

Support for Distributed duration Arrays

Support for Distributed string Arrays

Support for Distributed table Arrays

Support for Distributed timetable Arrays