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Sensor Models


Model various sensors, including: IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer), GPS receivers, altimeters, radar, lidar, sonar, and IR. You can mimic environmental, channel, and sensor configurations by modifying parameters of the sensor models. For active sensors, you can also model the corresponding emitters and channels as separate objects.


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altimeterSensorAltimeter simulation model
gpsSensorGPS receiver simulation model
imuSensorIMU simulation model
accelparamsAccelerometer sensor parameters
gyroparamsGyroscope sensor parameters
magparamsMagnetometer sensor parameters
allanvarAllan variance
magcalMagnetometer calibration coefficients
transformMotionCompute motion quantities between two relatively fixed frames
irSensorGenerate infrared detections for tracking scenario
irSignatureInfrared platform signature
insSensorInertial navigation system and GNSS/GPS simulation model
fusionRadarSensorGenerate detections and tracks reports
radarChannelFree space propagation and reflection of radar signals
radarEmissionEmitted radar signal structure
radarEmitterRadar signals and interferences generator
rcsSignatureRadar cross-section pattern
monostaticLidarSensorSimulate and model lidar point cloud generator
extendedObjectMeshMesh representation of extended object
tracking.scenario.airplaneMeshMesh representation of airplane
sonarEmissionEmitted sonar signal structure
sonarEmitterAcoustic signals and interferences generator
sonarSensorGenerate detections from sonar emissions
tsSignatureTarget strength pattern
underwaterChannelPropagated and reflected sonar signals
adsbCategoryEnumeration of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast categories
adsbTransponderAutomatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transponder
adsbReceiverAutomatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver


GPSSimulate GPS sensor readings with noise
IMUIMU simulation model
INSSimulate INS sensor


Introduction to Statistical Radar Models for Object Tracking

In a tracking system, sensors are used to generate measurements or detections from targets in an environment.

Simulate Radar Detections

Simulate target detections by radar sensors.

Model IMU, GPS, and INS/GPS

Model combinations of inertial sensors and GPS.

Introduction to Simulating IMU Measurements

This example shows how to simulate inertial measurement unit (IMU) measurements using the imuSensor System object.

Remove Bias from Angular Velocity Measurement

This example shows how to remove gyroscope bias from an IMU using imufilter.

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