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불연속 함수 블록(예: Saturation)


BacklashModel behavior of system with play
Coulomb and Viscous FrictionModel discontinuity at zero, with linear gain elsewhere
Dead ZoneProvide region of zero output
Dead Zone DynamicProvide dynamic region of zero output
Hit CrossingDetect crossing point
PWMGenerate ideal pulse width modulated signal corresponding to input duty cycle
Quantizer지정된 간격으로 입력을 이산화
Rate Limiter신호의 변화율 제한
Rate Limiter DynamicLimit rate of change of signal
RelaySwitch output between two constants
Saturation입력 신호를 상한 및 하한 포화값으로 제한
Saturation DynamicLimit input signal to dynamic upper and lower saturation values
Variable Pulse GeneratorGenerate ideal, time varying pulse signal
Wrap To ZeroSet output to zero if input is above threshold