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Filter coefficients


s = coeffs(sysobj)
s = coeffs(sysobj,'Arithmetic',arithType)



s = coeffs(sysobj) returns the coefficients of filter System object™, sysobj, in the structure s.

s = coeffs(sysobj,'Arithmetic',arithType) returns filter coefficients for the filter System object sysobj with the arithmetic specified in arithType.


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FIRHalfbandInterp = dsp.FIRHalfbandInterpolator('Specification',...
    'Filter order and transition width','FilterOrder',26);
C = coeffs(FIRHalfbandInterp);
ans = 1×27

    0.0525         0   -0.0379         0    0.0537         0   -0.0771         0    0.1172         0   -0.2060         0    0.6345    1.0000    0.6345         0   -0.2060         0    0.1172         0   -0.0771         0    0.0537         0   -0.0379         0    0.0525

% Impulse response of the filter

Input Arguments

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Specify the arithmetic used during analysis. When the arithmetic input is not specified and the filter System object is unlocked, the analysis tool assumes a double-precision filter. The 'Arithmetic' property set to 'Fixed' applies only to filter System objects with fixed-point properties.

Output Arguments

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Structure with a single field, Numerator, containing filter coefficients.

Introduced in R2011a