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Filter Analysis

Analyze filters and filter objects


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filterDesignerOpen Filter Designer app
fvtoolVisualize frequency response of DSP filters
freqrespestFrequency response estimate via filtering
freqrespoptsOptions for filter frequency response analysis
freqzFrequency response of filter
grpdelayGroup delay response of discrete-time filter System object
impzImpulse response of discrete-time filter System object
impzlengthImpulse response length
measureMeasure frequency response characteristics of filter System object
noisepsdPower spectral density of filter output due to roundoff noise
noisepsdoptsOptions for running filter output noise PSD
phasedelayPhase delay response of discrete-time filter System object
phasezUnwrapped phase response for filter
stepzStep response of discrete-time filter System object
zerophaseZero-phase response of discrete-time filter System object
zplaneZ-plane zero-pole plot for discrete-time filter System object
coeffsFilter coefficients
costEstimate cost for implementing filter System objects
cumsecCumulative second-order section of BiquadFilter System object
dispFilter properties and values
doubleCast fixed-point filter to use double-precision arithmetic
fftcoeffsFrequency-domain coefficients
filtstates.cicStore CIC filter states
infoInformation about filter System object
normP-norm of filter
nstatesNumber of filter states
orderOrder of discrete-time filter System object
resetReset the internal states of a System object
ssConvert discrete-time filter System object to state-space representation
tfConvert discrete-time filter System object to transfer function
zpkZero-pole-gain conversion of discrete-time filter System object
firtypeType of linear phase FIR filter
isallpassDetermine whether filter is allpass
isfirDetermine whether filter System object is FIR
islinphaseDetermine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphaseDetermine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphaseDetermine whether filter is minimum phase
isrealDetermine whether filter uses real coefficients
issosDetermine whether filter is SOS form
isstableDetermine whether filter is stable
scalecheckCheck scaling of dsp.BiquadFilter System object
blockGenerate block from a digital filter
realizemdlSimulink subsystem block for filter
allpass2wdfAllpass to Wave Digital Filter coefficient transformation
normalizefreqSwitch filter specification between normalized frequency and absolute frequency
wdf2allpassWave Digital Filter to allpass coefficient transformation


Analysis Methods for Filter System Objects

List of all the analysis methods for filter System objects