Model and simulate automotive powertrain systems

Powertrain Blockset™ provides fully assembled reference application models of automotive powertrains, including gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric systems. It includes a component library for simulating engine subsystems, transmission assemblies, traction motors, battery packs, and controller models. Powertrain Blockset also includes a dynamometer model for virtual testing. MDF file support provides a standards-based interface to calibration tools for data import.

Powertrain Blockset provides a standard model architecture that can be reused throughout the development process. You can use it for design tradeoff analysis and component sizing, control parameter optimization, and hardware-in-the-loop testing. You can customize models by parameterizing components in a reference application with your own data or by replacing a subsystem with your own model.

Using Sensitivity Analysis to Optimize for Fuel Economy


Model a Powertrain System

Use fully assembled reference applications and parameterize the components.

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Design and Test a Controller Model

Use built-in controller models, user-defined controller models, and embedded estimators.

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Perform System Design Tradeoff

Perform powertrain design tradeoff studies, such as emissions, fuel economy, and performance.

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Deploy for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Perform HIL testing on your controller model.

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Incorporate Detailed Subsystem Models

Modifying existing subsystems and integrate with Simscape.

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Powertrain Blockset requires: MATLAB, Simulink

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