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이 번역 페이지는 최신 내용을 담고 있지 않습니다. 최신 내용을 영문으로 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

시뮬레이션 결과를 검사하고 분석하기

시뮬레이션 데이터 인스펙터를 사용하여 시뮬레이션 결과를 검사하고 비교하여 모델 설계 검증

시뮬레이션 데이터 인스펙터를 사용하여 여러 개의 시뮬레이션에서 얻은 데이터를 검사하고 비교할 수 있습니다. 예를 들어, 검사를 통해 두 신호 간의 차이가 특정 설계 허용오차 내에 있는지 확인할 수 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 Simulation Data Inspector를 참조하십시오.

모두 확장

Simulation Data InspectorInspect and compare data and simulation results to validate and iterate model designs


모두 확장


Simulink.sdi.viewOpen the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.closeClose the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.clearAllSubPlotsClear plotted signals from all subplots in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.snapshotCapture contents of Simulation Data Inspector plots
Simulink.sdi.clearPreferencesRestore Simulation Data Inspector preferences to default settings
Simulink.sdi.saveViewSave visualization settings to apply to other data
Simulink.sdi.loadViewLoad a view file to visualize data in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setUnitSystemSpecify system of units to define signal display units in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getUnitSystemGet current unit system configured in Simulation Data Inspector preferences
Simulink.sdi.addTriggerAdd trigger to signal to control display updates in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getTriggerGet signal and trigger options for trigger configured in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.removeTriggerRemove trigger from signal in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setRecordDataSpecify record mode for logging
Simulink.sdi.getRecordDataCheck record mode for logging

병렬 워크플로 지원

Simulink.sdi.enablePCTSupportControl when to import data from parallel simulations into the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.isPCTSupportEnabledDetermine status and mode for Parallel Computing Toolbox support
Simulink.sdi.sendWorkerRunToClientSend run created on parallel workers to the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.cleanupWorkerResourcesClean up worker repositories

시간 플롯 모양 사용자 지정

Simulink.sdi.setSubPlotLayoutSet subplot layout in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setSubplotLimitsSpecify subplot limits for time plots in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getSubplotLimitsGet t- and y-axis limits for time plot in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setTableGroupingChange signal grouping hierarchy in Inspect pane
Simulink.sdi.getMarkersOnDetermine if data markers are shown in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setMarkersOnShow or hide markers for plotted signals
Simulink.sdi.getGridOnDetermine grid configuration for time plots
Simulink.sdi.setGridOnConfigure grid lines for time plots in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getTicksPositionGet tick mark position setting for time plots
Simulink.sdi.setTicksPositionConfigure position for tick marks on time plots in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getTickLabelsDisplayGet tick mark label setting for time plots
Simulink.sdi.setTickLabelsDisplayConfigure tick label visibility for time plot axes
Simulink.sdi.getBorderOnGet border display setting for time plots
Simulink.sdi.setBorderOnDisplay or hide border on time plots

커서 제어

Simulink.sdi.setNumCursorsConfigure number of cursors active in Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getNumCursorsCheck number of cursors active in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setCursorPositionsSpecify active cursor positions in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getCursorPositionsGet position for active cursors in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setCursorOptionsConfigure shading options for cursors in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.registerCursorCallbackRegister callback for cursor movements in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.unregisterCursorCallbackUnregister cursor callback function
Simulink.sdi.compareRunsCompare data in two simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.compareSignalsCompare data in two Simulink.sdi.Signal objects
Simulink.sdi.getCurrentComparison최근 비교 결과에 액세스
Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResult.getLatest최근 비교 결과에 액세스
getResultByIndexReturn signal comparison result
saveResultSave comparison results to an MLDATX file

실행 생성 및 액세스

Simulink.sdi.Run.getLatestGet the most recently created Simulation Data Inspector run
Simulink.sdi.getCurrentSimulationRunAccess data for in-progress or most recently completed simulation
Simulink.sdi.Run.createImport data into a run in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.createRunImport data into the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRunAccess data for a Simulation Data Inspector run
Simulink.sdi.copyRunCopy a Simulation Data Inspector run
Simulink.sdi.addToRunAdd one or more signals to existing run
Simulink.sdi.exportRunExport Simulation Data Inspector run data to the workspace or a file
Simulink.sdi.deleteRunDelete a run from the Simulation Data Inspector repository
Simulink.sdi.getRunCountGet number of runs in Simulation Data Inspector repository
Simulink.sdi.getRunIDByIndexUse Simulation Data Inspector run index to get run ID
Simulink.sdi.getAllRunIDsGet all Simulation Data Inspector run identifiers
Simulink.sdi.isValidRunIDDetermine whether a run ID is valid
Simulink.sdi.createRunOrAddToStreamedRunCreate a single run for all simulation outputs

Run 객체 함수

addAdd signals to Simulink.sdi.Run object
exportExport run to base workspace or file
getAllSignalIDsGet all signal IDs for signals in Simulink.sdi.Run object
getAllSignalsGet all signals in Simulink.sdi.Run object
getDatasetRefCreate a Simulink.sdi.DatasetRef object for a run
getSignalByIndexGet signal in Simulink.sdi.Run object by index
getSignalIDByIndexGet signal ID for signal at specified index in Simulink.sdi.Run object
getSignalIDsByNameGet signal IDs for signals inside Simulink.sdi.Run object using signal name
getSignalsByNameAccess signals in a Simulink.sdi.Run object using signal name
isValidSignalIDCheck whether signal ID corresponds to signal in Simulink.sdi.Run object

실행 관리 설정

Simulink.sdi.getRunNamingRuleGet the Simulation Data Inspector rule for naming runs
Simulink.sdi.setRunNamingRuleSpecify the Simulation Data Inspector run naming rule
Simulink.sdi.resetRunNamingRuleRevert the Simulation Data Inspector run naming rule to default
Simulink.sdi.copyRunViewSettingsCopy line style and color for signals from one run to another

신호 액세스

Simulink.sdi.getSignalGet Simulink.sdi.Signal object for a signal
Simulink.sdi.deleteSignalDelete signal in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.markSignalForStreamingTurn logging on or off for a signal

Signal 객체 함수

convertUnits Convert units of Simulink.sdi.Signal object
export Export Simulink.sdi.Signal object to workspace or file
getAsTall Create tall timetable from Simulink.sdi.Signal object
plotOnSubPlot Plot Simulink.sdi.Signal object on Simulation Data Inspector subplot
Simulink.sdi.getArchiveRunLimitDetermine configured run limit for Simulation Data Inspector archive
Simulink.sdi.setArchiveRunLimitSpecify a limit for the number of runs stored in the Simulation Data Inspector archive
Simulink.sdi.getAutoArchiveModeDetermine if the Simulation Data Inspector is configured to automatically archive
Simulink.sdi.setAutoArchiveModeSpecify whether the Simulation Data Inspector automatically archives simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.saveSave Simulation Data Inspector session
Simulink.sdi.loadLoad a Simulation Data Inspector session or view
Simulink.sdi.clearClear all data from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.reportGenerate a Simulation Data Inspector report
loadIntoMemoryLoad logged data into memory


모두 확장

Simulink.sdi.RunAccess run signals and metadata
Simulink.sdi.Signal Access signal data and metadata
Simulink.SimulationData.ParameterStores logged parameter data and metadata
Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResultAccess run comparison results
Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResultAccess signal comparison results
io.readerBase class used to define custom variable or file reader for Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.CustomSnapshot Specify settings for a snapshot without opening or affecting the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.WorkerRun Access simulation data from parallel workers
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetAccess logged simulation data or group simulation input data
Simulink.sdi.DatasetRefAccess data in Simulation Data Inspector repository 시뮬레이션 데이터 인스펙터 신호를 위한 데이터저장소
Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignalsSave and restore signal logging specification
Simulink.HMI.SignalSpecificationProgrammatically connect a Dashboard block to a signal
Simulink.sdi.constraints.MatchesSignal시뮬레이션 데이터 인스펙터를 사용하여 시계열 데이터를 허용오차와 비교하는 제약 조건
Simulink.sdi.constraints.MatchesSignalOptionsSpecify comparison options for Simulink.sdi.MatchesSignal constraint

도움말 항목

Decide How to Visualize Simulation Data

Choose the right visualization technique for each modeling and simulation task.

View Data in the Simulation Data Inspector

View logged simulation data alongside imported data and easily build complex visualizations using the Simulation Data Inspector.

Inspect Simulation Data

View and inspect data from simulations or from imported data.

Configure the Simulation Data Inspector

Modify preferences in the Simulation Data Inspector to match your requirements.

Modify Signal Properties in the Simulation Data Inspector

Modify signal properties to analyze data and create new signals.

Compare Simulation Data

Compare signals or simulation runs.

How the Simulation Data Inspector Compares Data

The Simulation Data Inspector applies specified tolerances and signal alignment techniques when comparing runs.

Save and Share Simulation Data Inspector Data and Views

Share exported data, Simulation Data Inspector sessions and views, and plot images and figures.

Create Plots Using the Simulation Data Inspector

Create plots to analyze and present your data.

Access Data in a MATLAB Function During Simulation

Stream signal data to a MATLAB® callback function during simulation for processing and visualization.

Synchronize Cursors in the Simulation Data Inspector with an App Designer App

Use the Simulation Data Inspector programmatic interface to synchronize data cursors in an App Designer app with cursors in the Simulation Data Inspector.

Inspect and Compare Data Programmatically

Use the Simulation Data Inspector API to plot and compare simulation data.

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