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시간 지연이 있는 모델

입력 지연, 출력 지연, 전송 지연 및 내부 지연이 있는 시스템

동적 시스템 모델의 InputDelay, OutputDelayioDelay 속성을 사용하여 시간 지연을 나타냅니다. Time Delays in Linear Systems 항목을 참조하십시오.


pade시간 지연이 있는 모델의 파데 근사
absorbDelayReplace time delays by poles at z = 0 or phase shift
thiranThiran 근사를 기반으로 한 분수 지연 필터 생성
hasdelayTrue for linear model with time delays
hasInternalDelayDetermine if model has internal delays
totaldelayTotal combined I/O delays for LTI model
delayss지연된 입력, 출력 및 상태를 갖는 상태공간 모델 만들기
setDelayModelConstruct state-space model with internal delays
getDelayModelState-space representation of internal delays

도움말 항목

시간 지연 기본 사항

Specifying Time Delays

This example shows how the Control System Toolbox™ lets you represent, manipulate, and analyze any LTI model with a finite number of delays.

시간 지연 모델링하기

Time Delays in Linear Systems

Represent input and output delays, transport delays, or internal delays in dynamic system models.

Closing Feedback Loops with Time Delays

Interconnecting models that have time delays can give rise to internal delays.

Internal Delays

Internal delays can model feedback loops with delays.

Convert Time Delay in Discrete-Time Model to Factors of 1/z

Incorporate input, output, or transport delays as factors of 1/z in a discrete-time model.

Frequency Response Data (FRD) Model with Time Delay

Absorbing time delays into frequency response data can cause undesirable phase wrapping at high frequencies.

시간 지연 근사화하기

Time-Delay Approximation

Approximate time delays with all-pass filters for control-design techniques that cannot handle time delays directly.

Time-Delay Approximation in Continuous-Time Open-Loop Model

Use the Padé approximation to approximate time delays in continuous-time models.

Time-Delay Approximation in Continuous-Time Closed-Loop Model

Approximate delays in a continuous-time closed-loop system with internal delays.

Approximate Different Delays with Different Approximation Orders

You can use different approximation orders to model different types of delays, such as internal and output delays.