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Compute Geometric Jacobian for Manipulators in Simulink

This example shows how to calculate the geometric Jacobian for a robot manipulator by using a rigidBodyTree model. The Jacobian maps the joint-space velocity to the end-effector velocity relative to the base coordinate frame. In this example, you define a robot model and robot configurations in MATLAB® and pass them to Simulink® to be used with the manipulator algorithm blocks.

Load a rigidBodyTree object that models a KUKA LBR iiwa 7 robot from the robot library. Use the homeConfiguration function to get the home configuration or home joint positions of the robot. Use the randomConfiguration function to generate a random configuration within the specified joint limits.

lbr = loadrobot("kukaIiwa7", DataFormat="column");
homeConfig = homeConfiguration(lbr);
randomConfig = randomConfiguration(lbr);

Open the model. If necessary, use the Load Robot Model callback button to reload the robot model and the configuration vectors. The 'tool0' body is selected as the end-effector in both blocks.


Run the model to display the Jacobian for each configuration.

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