Learn how to use MATLAB and Simulink to solve competition tasks.

Code Generation

Learn how to generate readable, standalone C/C++ code from MATLAB functions and Simulink models. Navigate and customize the generated code before deploying directly onto target hardware boards. Use Simulink as an integration environment and generate code for multirate systems.

Mobile Robotics

Learn how to design and simulate common mobile robotics algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink, such as open- and closed-loop feedback control systems, for your robot to perform tasks like dead reckoning, line following, and obstacle detection. Use custom simulation tools to test algorithms within Simulink before deploying them to an actual robot.

Physical Modeling

Get started with modeling, simulating, and analyzing automotive systems, including longitudinal vehicle dynamics and 3D suspension modeling. These tutorials will help your team set up a vehicle model, and predict lap times, fuel consumption, and battery life.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Learn to develop hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems using MATLAB and Simulink. Explore motor control design, and how to use equivalent circuits for representing the dynamic behavior of battery cells. Explore battery pack electro-thermal modeling and battery thermal management system design. Learn about modeling and simulating HEV systems, creating plant models, developing control systems, and optimizing your models.

Computer Vision

Understand fundamental computer vision techniques, such as feature extraction, object detection, text recognition, and point cloud processing. These tutorials will enable your team to design and deploy computer vision algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink to perform tasks such as autonomous recognition of targets and obstacle avoidance.

Learn the basics with introductory courses.

MATLAB and Simulink

Primary and Secondary School Competitions Hub

Learn how to use MATLAB and Simulink to design algorithms, create simulations, and speed up development for primary and secondary school competitions.

MATLAB and Simulink

Racing Lounge

Discover basics of MATLAB and Simulink and in-depth information on automotive development in this continuously evolving video series.

MATLAB and Simulink

Robotics Arena

Learn how to use MATLAB and Simulink to design algorithms, create simulations, and speed up development for student competitions in robotics and unmanned systems.

Racing Lounge


Learn more about best practices and teamwork for student competitions.