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Student Competition - Mobile Robotics Training

version (13.2 MB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
All files related to Student Competition - Mobile Robotics Training video series.


Updated 14 Aug 2020

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Find the video tutorials for this training here:

This entry contains all of the example and exercise materials for the online training: Student Competition - Mobile Robotics Training.
Mobile Robotics Training Video Series:
Part 1: Controlling Robot Motion
Part 2: Using PID Controllers
Part 3: Line Following Algorithms
Part 4: Obstacle Detection Algorithms
Part 5: Path Navigation
NOTE: This entry requires the Student Competition - Mobile Robotics Training Toolbox. To download the toolbox, go to:

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Comments and Ratings (12)

Basics are must to get thorough with a subject. Through this training i have learnt the basics of robotics. Thank you very much for providing this training.

@Noah, all the exercise files should be available on the download. Make sure you have the Mobile Robotics Training library installed as explained in the description. Otherwise contact

Noah Barrow

hey! I love this tutorial but as I was going through it I noticed that the simulink models weren't included in the download. I've looked into all of the folders included with the download but I can't find them...

Sneha Gadkari

I followed the steps Tejas told for eliminating "sfun_time does not exist" but I am still facing the same issue.
Please guide me for eliminating the error.


For those getting "sfun_time does not exist" error : 1) install MATLAB Support for MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler and 2) install Students competition-Mobile Robotics Training addon, open the addon in current folder.Run "installMRTToolbox.m".

@Phasin, for newer versions of MATLAB the Soft Real Time block is not necessary. You can delete it and use built in Simulation Pacing instead.

Phasin Sakdaprayoon

Error in S-function 'deadReckoningSim_soln/Robot Simulator/Soft Real Time': S-Function 'sfun_time' does not exist


Carlos Jimenez

I'm sorry, I get this error, may someone help me please?

"Error in RobMotion/Robot Simulator: Initialization commands cannot be evaluated."
"Caused by: Undefined variable robotics or class robotics.BinaryOccupancyGrid."

Rajat Naik

Error in S-function 'MobileRobotSimulink1/Robot Simulator/Soft Real Time': S-Function 'sfun_time' does not exist
Component:Simulink | Category:Block error
getting this error in Part 1

The error seems to come from the Robot Simulator block in the Mobile Robotics Training library

Tan Thuyen Nguyen

Soe Hein

This training is very effective and essential for students who is studying mobile robot.thanks to all

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