Software and internet companies are in a race to extract meaningful information from big data. MATLAB® products can enable computer scientists and data analysts to quickly convert the information found in big data into valuable insights. MATLAB can be used to:

  • Explore data to look for gaps and patterns
  • Develop algorithms for predictive models
  • Accelerate analysis using high performance computing
  • Integrate and deploy applications into enterprise solutions

Access and Analyze Data

MATLAB data analysis products let you access, visualize, and analyze data within a single environment. You can interactively explore data, build customized analyses, and share your discoveries with others through reports, published code, 3D visualizations, or as complete applications.

Develop Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms use computational methods to "learn" information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model. They can adaptively improve their performance as you increase the number of samples available for learning. Machine learning algorithms are used in applications such as speech and facial recognition. They are used in big data applications that have large datasets with many predictors (features) and are too complex for simple parametric models.

Accelerate Analysis with High Performance Computing

MathWorks continues to accelerate large computations for big data problems by supporting the latest multithreaded hardware architectures. Using Parallel Computing Toolbox™, MATLAB Parallel Server™, and or MATLAB Production Server™, computer scientists and data analysts are getting answers faster than ever before by utilizing the high-performance computing power of multicore processors, GPUs, and compute farms.

Deploy and Integrate Data Analytics Models into Enterprise Applications

While MATLAB offers an environment for developing advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms, these models and systems often must be deployed into the real world. MathWorks provides many different options for the deployment of MATLAB algorithms including generation of portable C/C++ code, compiled executables, web-based applications, or even integration to mobile apps.