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Polyspace Bug Finder

정적 분석으로 소프트웨어 버그 탐지

자동화된 정적 분석

C/C++에서 런타임 오류, 동시성 문제, 기타 코딩 결함 등 수백 종류의 버그를 찾습니다.

코딩 규칙

MISRA C, MISRA C++, JSF++, 맞춤형 규칙을 적용합니다.

보안 표준

CWE, CERT-C, ISO/IEC 17961 등과 같은 보안 취약점 및 표준을 검사합니다.

코드 메트릭

순환 복잡성, 스택 사용률, HIS 메트릭 등 프로젝트, 파일, 함수 단위의 메트릭을 확인합니다.

Find Bugs Early in Development

Identify hundreds of classes of bugs as soon as code is written or modified.

Find the Root Cause of Complex Bugs

See your code in a debugger-like view with event traces, variable values, and call trees.

Create your own navigation path.

Trace Code Analysis to Simulink Models

Run analysis on generated code and trace your findings to the source model block.

Trace code analysis to the model.

Configure for Any Run-Time Environment

Integrate Polyspace Bug Finder with any compiler, target processor, and RTOS environment.

Set compiler and target options.

Make Your Code Safe and Secure

Track quality against industry standards.

Comply with Coding Rules and Certification Requirements

Enforce MISRA C, MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, JSF++, and custom rules. Comply with ISO 26262, DO-178, IEC 61508, EN 50128, IEC 62304, and others.

Comply with functional safety standards.

Meet Security Requirements

Comply with CERT C/C++, ISO 17961, and MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1.

Configure coding rules checking.

Monitor the Software Quality of Your Project

Compare analysis results against quality thresholds, so your software team can collaborate more easily and monitor project milestones.

Filter results.

Automate Code Analysis with Polyspace Bug Finder Server

Enable continuous integration by performing analysis on code changes early and often.

Analyze Integrated Builds

Run the Polyspace Bug Finder Server™ static analysis engine on a server class machine with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo.

Integrate Polyspace products into your continuous integration environment.

Notify and Upload Results for Collaborative Review

Automatically assign defects to component owners, send email notifications, and upload results to Polyspace Bug Finder Access so you can triage and resolve issues.

Send email notifications with Polyspace Bug Finder results.

Collaborative Review with Polyspace Bug Finder Access

Share analysis results and quality metrics with the software development team.

Review Analysis Results, So You Can Triage and Resolve Issues

Polyspace Bug Finder Access™ provides a web browser interface to Polyspace static code analysis results and quality metrics stored in a central repository. Navigation tools for investigating static analysis results are displayed alongside the code.

Result details window.

Monitor Project Quality and Software Quality Metrics

Dashboards display information that you can use to monitor software quality, project status, the number of defects, and code metrics.

Project overview dashboard.

Integrate with the Bug Tracking Tools You Already Use

Use the web browser interface to create and assign tickets in bug tracking tools such as Jira.

Create tickets.

Latest Features

제품 기능

개발 초기부터 버그 찾기

코드를 작성하거나 수정하는 과정에서 최대한 일찍 결함을 찾아냅니다.

인증관련 요구 사항 충족

ISO 26262, DO-178, IEC 61508, EN 50128, FDA 등을 준수합니다.

복잡한 버그의 근본 원인 규명

코드를 디버거처럼 이벤트 추적, 변수 값, 호출 트리와 함께 보여줍니다.

멀티스레드 코드 검사

데이터 경쟁(Data Race), 교착 상태(Deadlock), 이중 잠금(Double Lock), 잠금 누락(Missing Lock), 여러 다른 문제를 탐지합니다.

코드 분석 결과에서 Simulink 모델까지 추적

생성된 코드의 분석 결과를 참조하여 소스 모델의 특정 블록까지 추적합니다.

보안 관련 요구사항 충족

CERT C, ISO 17961, MISRA C:2012 개정안, CWE를 준수합니다.

소프트웨어 품질 목표 설정 및 측정

소프트웨어 팀 협업 및 프로젝트 주요 일정에 대해 합격/불합격을 지정하기 위한 품질 기준치를 정의합니다.

어떤 런타임 환경에도 구성

어떠한 종류의 컴파일러, 타깃 프로세서, RTOS 환경, 지속적 통합(Continuous Integration)시스템과의 통합을 지원합니다.

See the release notes for details on any of these features and corresponding functions.

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