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SimBiology Apps

Interactive apps to facilitate building, simulating, and analyzing dynamic systems

SimBiology provides a set of integrated apps that are designed to facilitate building, simulating, and analyzing models of dynamic systems such as quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP), pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and systems biology models.

  • The SimBiology Model Builder app lets you build dynamic models interactively using various modeling elements. For instance, you can model a variety of biological systems such as signaling pathways, metabolic networks, PBPK, QSP, and PK/PD models. It also lets you model biological variability and different dosing regimens to investigate various experimental conditions and dosing strategies.

  • The SimBiology Model Analyzer app lets you perform analyses on models of dynamic systems. You can simulate the dynamic behavior of a model using various solvers and estimate model parameters. To investigate system dynamics and guide experimentation, you can perform sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps.


SimBiology Model BuilderBuild QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models interactively
SimBiology Model AnalyzerAnalyze QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models


simbio.diagram.getBlock Get SimBiology diagram block properties
simbio.diagram.setBlock Set SimBiology diagram block properties
simbio.diagram.getLine Get SimBiology diagram line properties
simbio.diagram.setLine Set SimBiology diagram line properties
simbio.diagram.splitBlock Split SimBiology species block in diagram
simbio.diagram.joinBlock Combine all copies of SimBiology species blocks in diagram


Build Models

Create Model of Receptor-Ligand Kinetics

This example shows how to create and simulate a simple model of receptor-ligand kinetics using the SimBiology Model Builder and SimBiology Model Analyzer apps.

Incorporate SGLT2 Inhibition into Physiologically Based Glucose-Insulin Model Using SimBiology Model Builder

Incorporate sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) receptor inhibition by a hypothetical compound into an existing glucose-insulin model.

Copy SimBiology Blocks

Copy and paste SimBiology blocks while building models in the Diagram.

Keyboard Shortcuts for SimBiology Model Builder

The SimBiology Model Builder app provides keyboard shortcuts for various modeling actions.

SimBiology Model Component Libraries

The SimBiology® libraries are collections of built-in components that you can use to build and analyze models.

Message Indicator Icons in SimBiology Model Builder

The SimBiology Model Builder app uses contextual icons to provide more information about model components in the browser tables and blocks in the Diagram tab.

Undo and Redo Model Changes in SimBiology

You can undo and redo actions related to model building and configuring block properties.

Analyze Models and Data

Calculate NCA Parameters and Fit Model to PK/PD Data Using SimBiology Model Analyzer App

Perform noncompartmental analysis and calibrate model parameters by fitting to experimental PKPD data using nonlinear regression.

Find Important Parameters with Sensitivity Analysis Using SimBiology Model Analyzer App

Perform sensitivity analysis to find important model parameters.

Model Biological Variability with Virtual Patients Using SimBiology Model Analyzer App

Generate sample values for model parameters to represent virtual patients and simulate to explore model variability.

Scan Dosing Regimens Using SimBiology Model Analyzer App

Explore multiple dosing amounts that meet the efficacy and toxicity thresholds.