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Visualize Point Cloud Using Color and Camera Views

Lidar Viewer provides various colors and camera view options to analyze point cloud data. From the Data Browser pane, select the point cloud that you want to visualize.

For information on how to open Lidar Viewer app and import data, see Import, View, and Export Point Cloud.

Color Controls

Color section on app toolstrip

You can control the color of the displayed point cloud by using these options in the Color section of the app toolstrip:


 Colormap Value

 Color Variation

 Background Color

 Restore Color

Camera View Options

Visualize section on app toolstrip

The app provides various predefined camera angles for viewing the point cloud data. You can also save and organize views.


A Windows® OS machine must have WebGL™ 2 support for graphics rendering.




 Planar Views

 Bird's Eye View

 Chase View

 Ego View

 Rotation From Point

 Save Camera Views

 Restore View

 Hide Ground

 View Clusters


You can adjust the point cloud view by using the x-, y-, z-axes at the bottom left corner of the visualization pane.

Rotate point cloud using point cloud axes

Point Size

Adjust display size of points in point cloud

Adjust the display size of the points by specifying the Point Size.

For the first-person navigation using perspective projection, you can enlarge the points for better visualization. When you select Enlarge Points, the app adjusts the size of the points based on the camera position. If you position the camera closer to the points, the points appear larger than when the camera is far away.

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