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지연, 피드백, 가진 레벨과 같은 데이터 특성 확인


bode주파수 응답, 또는 크기 및 위상 데이터의 보드 플롯
bodemag 주파수 응답의 크기 전용 보드 플롯
idplotPlot input and output channels of estimation data (R2023a 이후)
adviceAnalysis and recommendations for data or estimated linear models
delayest데이터를 바탕으로 시간 지연(불감 시간) 추정
isrealDetermine whether model parameters or data values are real
realdataDetermine whether iddata is based on real-valued signals
checkFeedbackIdentify possible feedback data (R2023a 이후)
pexcitLevel of excitation of input signals
impulseestNonparametric impulse response estimation
etfeEstimate empirical transfer functions and periodograms
spaEstimate frequency response with fixed frequency resolution using spectral analysis
spafdrEstimate frequency response and spectrum using spectral analysis with frequency-dependent resolution
dataPlotOptionsOption set for idplot when plotting input/output estimation data contained in a timetable, numeric matrices, or an iddata object (R2023a 이후)

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