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평균, 오프셋 및 선형 추세의 제거, 누락된 데이터 재구성, 데이터 샘플링 레이트 변경


detrendSubtract offset or trend from time-domain signals contained in iddata objects
retrendAdd offsets or trends to time-domain data signals stored in iddata objects
diffiddata 객체에서의 차이 신호
idfiltFilter data using user-defined passbands, general filters, or Butterworth filters
misdataReconstruct missing input and output data
nkshiftShift data sequences
idresampResample time-domain data by decimation or interpolation
idresampOptionsOption set for idresamp (R2023a 이후)
resample(Not recommended) Resample time-domain data that is stored in an iddata object by decimation or interpolation (requires Signal Processing Toolbox software)
getTrendCreate trend information object to store offset, mean, and trend information for time-domain signals stored in iddata object
chgFreqUnitChange frequency units of frequency-response data model
fdelDelete specified data from frequency response data (FRD) models
TrendInfoOffset and linear trend slope values for detrending data

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