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Analysis and recommendations for data or estimated linear models




advice(data) displays the following information about the data in the MATLAB® Command Window:

  • What are the excitation levels of the signals and how does this affect the model orders? See also pexcit.

  • Does it make sense to remove constant offsets and linear trends from the data? See also detrend.

  • Is there an indication of output feedback in the data? See also feedback.

  • Would a nonlinear ARX model perform better than a linear ARX model?

advice(model,data) displays the following information about the estimated linear model in the MATLAB Command Window:

  • Does the model capture essential dynamics of the system and the disturbance characteristics?

  • Is the model order higher than necessary?

  • Is there potential output feedback in the validation data?

Input Arguments


Specify data as an iddata object.


Specify model as an idtf, idgrey, idpoly, idproc, or idss model object.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a