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MATLAB 모델 조정을 위한 설정

MATLAB®에서 명령줄 조정을 위해 제어 시스템 모델링

MATLAB에서 일반화된 상태공간(genss) 모델에 의해 표현된 제어 시스템을 조정할 수 있습니다. 제어 시스템의 고정된 컴포넌트와 조정 가능한 컴포넌트를 나타내는 요소를 상호 연결하여 이러한 모델을 만듭니다. Building Tunable Models 항목을 참조하십시오.


모두 확장

tf전달 함수 모델
zpk영점-극점-이득 모델
ss상태공간 모델
tunableGainTunable static gain block
tunableTFTunable transfer function with fixed number of poles and zeros
tunablePIDTunable PID controller
tunablePID2Tunable two-degree-of-freedom PID controller
tunableSSTunable fixed-order state-space model
realpReal tunable parameter
AnalysisPointPoints of interest for linear analysis
connectBlock diagram interconnections of dynamic systems
feedback여러 모델의 피드백 연결

도움말 항목

  • Building Tunable Models

    Build a control-system model for tuning with systune or looptune using numeric LTI models for fixed elements and control design blocks for the tunable elements.

  • Generalized Models

    Generalized models represent systems having a mixture of fixed coefficients and tunable or uncertain coefficients.

  • Models with Tunable Coefficients

    Use tunable models to model tunable components of control systems for parameter sampling or control system tuning.

  • Mark Signals of Interest for Control System Analysis and Design

    Analysis points allow you to access to internal signals, perform open-loop analysis, or specify requirements for controller tuning in systems modeled in either MATLAB or Simulink®.