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Trenz Electronic Motor Control Development Kit Support from Simulink

Target Zynq Motor applications using the Trenz Electronic Motor Control Development kit using HDL Coder and Embedded Coder.

Capabilities and Features

Use the Motor Control Development Kit from Trenz Electronic® as a hardware/software platform for developing custom motor control algorithms. The kit comes with two target module options, Xilinx Zynq UltraSCALE+ MPSoC (TE0820-05-2AE81MA) and Xilinx Zynq 7020 (TE0720-04-61C33MA). The Development kit is supported for use with Simulink hardware/software workflow that supports C code generation for ARM Cortex using Embedded Coder and HDL Code generation for its programmable logic using the HDL Coder. To learn more about the MathWorks workflow for Zynq, see Xilinx Zynq Support from MATLAB and Simulink. In addition, SoC Blockset allows accurate simulation of the FOC application running on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device which can be deployed on the board.

For information about support for Trenz Motor Control Development kit, you can directly contact the MathWorks FPGA Team.

About the Trenz Motor Control Development kit

The Trenz Electronics Motor Development kit is a modular system consisting of :

  • SoC Module
  • Baseboard Module
  • Motor Driver module which supports motors up to 4 phases rated to 40V.

The motor provided with the kit is a 24V 15W 1000 RPM rated Brushless DC motor which comes in a compact package with a mounted encoder.

For more details and to order the kit, i.e. TE0820 or TE0720 please visit the Trenz website. 

Platform and Release Support

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Trenz Motor Control Development kit

Trenz Motor Control Development kit