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dx offset for usrp x310
Thanks for your question, These calibration tools are devloped and shipped by Ettus Research, and we would refer to their docum...

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Receiving junk data using zc706 and fmcomms3 with QPSK example
Hey, Karthik, Do you see any underflow messages (like this) from the transmitting model? Regards, Ousman

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registration process with zc706 and ad9361 failed
Thanks for your question, Raz. Can you create a service request for the issues you are seeing? This will help us provide better...

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To what degree are MathWorks drivers and libraries involved in the new ADI libiio based Linux images for Zynq + AD9361 targets?
Hi, Terje, Let me try and clarify things here and see if that answers some of the questions you have posed. For the followin...

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How to log data to the SDcard of the embedded USRP E312?
The E312 is supported with the USRP Embedded Series Radio support package. This will allow you to connect to the hardware from...

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Zynq SDR Support from Communications System Toolbox - Ethernet problem
Thanks for your question, I'd like to confirm a few things in order to help you best. # You are using MATLAB R2016b and got ...

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