Receiving junk data using zc706 and fmcomms3 with QPSK example

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karthik sharma
karthik sharma . 2021년 10월 5일
댓글: karthik sharma . 2021년 10월 14일
I am using zc706 and fmcomms3 eval boards for SDR application with the examples mentioned in the links for trasmitter and reciever
Installed all the neccessary add-ons required and followed the procedure to work with the above QPSKFPGA simulink models, we are recieving some junk data after 10 to 15 seconds. I have checked with the connectivity of carrier boards, ethernet cable and RF Cable, all the connections are perfect, firewall is off yet recieving some Junk data at the reciever end.
Can someone suggest on this please. Thanks in advance.
Thanks & Regards
Karthik Sharma

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Ousman Sadiq
Ousman Sadiq 2021년 10월 6일
Hey, Karthik,
Do you see any underflow messages (like this) from the transmitting model?
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karthik sharma
karthik sharma 2021년 10월 14일
can some one suggest the correct settings for ad936x (ad9361) transmitter and reciever for QPSK transmitter/ reciever using Analog Devices AD9361/ Ad9364. Example for the below link
At the reciever end we are recieving junk data after 10- 15 seconds. when the option bypass user logic in ad936x transmitter is enabled the junk data is reduced. May i know reason for this.
Thanks & regards

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