How to log data to the SDcard of the embedded USRP E312?

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hao li
hao li . 2019년 11월 3일
댓글: Ousman Sadiq . 2019년 11월 5일
Hello! I am working on a work which can gather the wireless data and save it to the SD card of E312 embedded serial USRP. Does any one have any idea? Thank you?

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Ousman Sadiq
Ousman Sadiq 2019년 11월 4일
The E312 is supported with the USRP Embedded Series Radio support package.
This will allow you to connect to the hardware from MATLAB and directly stream samples into the host. Depending on the bandwidth required and the amount of samples needed this may be sufficient for the use case. Particularly burst mode can be used to stream a limited about of samples at the highest baseband sample rate.
If there is a hard requirement to record directly to the SD card then using the HW/SW co-design workflow, one can deploy HDL to the FPGA, or software to the CPU using Simulink.
In Simulink there are no blocks available to write to a file on the SD card. However, is is possible using a MATLAB function block and authoring MATLAB code to manually, open and write to a file that the desired outcome can be achieved.
In our experience attempting to write data directly to the SD card suffers from performance issue, especiialy when trying to stream data continuously at a high rate.
Would it be possible to get some information about the sample rates, number of channels, and how long you want to record data for?
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Ousman Sadiq
Ousman Sadiq 2019년 11월 5일
Your data rate with this set up will be calculated as follows
Baseband sample rate * I/Q sample width * Number of channels = data rate
500000 * 32 * 2 = 32 Mbits/second = 4 MBytes/second.
You can try streaming this to the host, checking for overflows to ensure you have contiguous data, or create a custom MATLAB function for software code generation.

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