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Convert rectangle to corner points list


points = bbox2points(rectangle)



points = bbox2points(rectangle) converts the input rectangle, specified as [x y width height] into a list of four [x y] corner points. The rectangle input must be either a single bounding box or a set of bounding boxes.


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Define a bounding box.

bbox = [10,20,50,60];

Convert the bounding box to a list of four points.

points = bbox2points(bbox);

Define a rotation transformation.

theta = 10;
tform = affine2d([cosd(theta) -sind(theta) 0; sind(theta) cosd(theta) 0; 0 0 1]);

Apply the rotation.

points2 = transformPointsForward(tform,points);

Close the polygon for display.

points2(end+1,:) = points2(1,:);

Plot the rotated box.

plot(points2(:,1),points2(:,2), '*-');

Input Arguments

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Bounding box, specified as a 4-element vector, [x y width height], or a set of bounding boxes, specified as an M-by-4 matrix.

Data Types: single | double | int16 | int32 | uint16 | uint32

Output Arguments

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List of rectangle corners, returned as a 4-by-2 matrix of [x,y] coordinates, or a 4-by-2-by-M array of [x,y] coordinates. The output points for the rectangle are listed counterclockwise starting from the upper-left corner.

  • For a single input bounding box, the function returns the 4-by-2 matrix.

  • For multiple input bounding boxes, the function returns the 4-by-2-M array for M bounding boxes.

Data Types: single | double | int16 | int32 | uint16 | uint32

Extended Capabilities

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Introduced in R2014b