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Vehicle Scenarios

Drive cycles, driver models, test maneuvers, and 3D simulation in Unreal Engine® visualization environment

To configure vehicle scenarios, use the drive cycle, driver, and 3D simulation blocks.

  • Drive Cycle Source block — Generates a standard or user-specified longitudinal drive cycle. By default, the block includes the FTP–75 drive cycle. To install additional drive cycles from a support package, see Support Package for Maneuver and Drive Cycle Data. The support package has drive cycles that include gear shift schedules, for example JC08 and CUEDC.

  • Driver blocks — Implement controllers that generate normalized steering, acceleration, and braking commands to track velocity or displacement.

  • 3D visualization blocks — Integrate 3D visualization environment with Simulink® so that you can interrogate the world around the vehicle for virtually testing perception, control, and planning algorithms.

Figures of vehicle in 3D parking lot, double lane, highway


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Drive Cycle SourceStandard or specified longitudinal drive cycle
Lateral DriverLateral path-tracking controller
Longitudinal DriverLongitudinal speed-tracking controller
Predictive DriverPredictive driver controller to track longitudinal speed and lateral path
Simulation 3D VehicleImplement vehicle in 3D environment
Simulation 3D Vehicle with Ground FollowingImplement vehicle that follows ground in 3D environment
Simulation 3D MotorcycleImplement motorcycle in 3D environment
Simulation 3D TractorImplement tractor in 3D environment
Simulation 3D TrailerImplement trailer in 3D environment
Simulation 3D DollyImplement dolly in 3D environment
Simulation 3D Physics VehicleImplement controllable 6DOF vehicle 3D environment
Simulation 3D Terrain SensorImplement multipoint terrain sensor in 3D environment
Vehicle Terrain SensorVehicle and tire distances to objects
Simulation 3D Ray TracerImplement ray tracing in 3D environment
Simulation 3D Camera GetCamera image
Simulation 3D Scene ConfigurationScene configuration for 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D Actor Transform GetGet actor translation, rotation, scale
Simulation 3D Actor Transform SetSet actor translation, rotation, scale
Simulation 3D Message GetRetrieve data from Unreal Engine visualization environment
Simulation 3D Message SetSend data to Unreal Engine visualization environment

Scenes and Vehicle Dimensions

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Curved RoadCurved road 3D environment
Double Lane ChangeDouble lane change 3D environment
Large Parking LotLarge parking lot 3D environment
Open SurfaceOpen surface 3D environment
Parking LotParking lot 3D environment
Straight RoadStraight road 3D environment
US City BlockUS city block 3D environment
US HighwayUS highway 3D environment
Virtual McityVirtual Mcity 3D environment
Box TruckBox truck vehicle dimensions
HatchbackHatchback vehicle dimensions
Muscle CarMuscle car vehicle dimensions
SedanSedan vehicle dimensions
Small Pickup TruckSmall pickup truck vehicle dimensions
Sport Utility VehicleSport utility vehicle dimensions
Cab-Over TractorCab-over tractor dimensions
Formula Student Vehicle Formula student vehicle dimensions
Conventional TractorConventional tractor dimensions
One-Axle TrailerOne-axle trailer dimensions
Two-Axle TrailerTwo-axle trailer dimensions
Three-Axle TrailerThree-axle trailer dimensions
One-Axle DollyOne-axle dolly dimensions
Two-Axle DollyTwo-axle dolly dimensions
Three-Axle DollyThree-axle dolly dimensions
Motor BikeMotor bike dimensions
ScooterScooter dimensions
Sports BikeSports bike dimensions


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copyExampleSim3dProjectCopy support package files and plugins to specified folders
sim3d.EditorInterface to the Unreal Engine project
sim3d.mapsAccess additional scenes from the server
sim3d.maps.Map.downloadDownload maps from the server
sim3d.maps.Map.serverList of maps available for download from the server
sim3d.maps.Map.deleteDelete local maps downloaded from the server
sim3d.maps.Map.localList of locally available maps
openOpen the Unreal Editor
ASim3dActorAbstract class to use as a base class for user-defined Unreal Engine C++ or blueprint actors
Sim3dSetupC++ method that sets up actor in Unreal Engine 3D simulation
Sim3dStepC++ method that steps actor in Unreal Engine 3D simulation
Sim3dReleaseC++ method that releases actor in Unreal Engine 3D simulation
StartSimulation3DMessageReaderConstructs a message reader object in the Unreal Editor
ReadSimulation3DMessageReceives message from Simulink model using a message reader object
StopSimulation3DMessageReaderDeletes message reader object in the Unreal Editor
StartSimulation3DMessageWriterConstructs a message writer object in the Unreal Editor
WriteSimulation3DMessageSends message to Simulink model using a message writer object
StopSimulation3DMessageWriterDeletes message writer object in the Unreal Editor


Simulation Basics

Scene Customization