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Braking Test Reference Application

Simulate a full vehicle dynamics model undergoing a braking test, including a split-mu test. You can create your own versions, establishing a framework to test that your vehicle meets the design requirements under normal and extreme driving conditions. Use this reference application in ride and handling studies and chassis controls development to characterize the vehicle dynamics during a braking test. For information about this and similar maneuvers, see standards SAE J299_200901 and ISO 21994:2007.

For more information about the reference application, see Braking Test.


[1] J299_200901. Stopping Distance Test Procedure. Warrendale, PA: SAE International, 2009.

[2] ISO 21994:2007. Passenger cars — Stopping distance at straight-line braking with ABS — Open-loop test method. Geneva: ISO, 2007.

[3] ISO 14512:1999. Passenger cars — Straight-ahead braking on surfaces with split coefficient of friction -- Open-loop test procedure. Geneva: ISO, 2007.

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