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Simulink에서의 제어 설계

시간 영역 요구 사항과 주파수 영역 요구 사항 지정, PID 이득과 같은 제어기 파라미터 조정

응답 최적화기설계 요구 사항을 충족하도록 모델 응답 최적화, 모델 강인성 테스트


Check Against Reference시뮬레이션하는 동안 모델 신호가 기준 신호를 추종하는지 검사
Check Custom BoundsCheck that model signal satisfies bounds during simulation
Check Step Response CharacteristicsCheck that model signal satisfies step response bounds during simulation


모두 확장

시뮬레이션 시나리오 생성

sdo.SimulationTestSimulation scenario description

시간 영역 요구 사항 지정

sdo.requirements.SignalBoundPiecewise-linear amplitude bound
sdo.requirements.SignalTrackingReference signal to track
sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelopeStep response bound on signal
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneEllipseImpose elliptic bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneRegionImpose region bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals

변수 요구 사항 지정

sdo.requirements.FunctionMatchingImpose function matching constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.MonotonicVariableImpose monotonic constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.RelationalConstraintImpose relational constraint on pair of variables
sdo.requirements.SmoothnessConstraintImpose bounds on gradient magnitude of variable

주파수 영역 요구 사항 지정

sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitudeBode magnitude bound
sdo.requirements.ClosedLoopPeakGain Closed loop peak gain bound
sdo.requirements.GainPhaseMarginGain and phase margin bounds
sdo.requirements.OpenLoopGainPhaseNichols response bound
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatioDamping ratio bound
sdo.requirements.PZNaturalFrequencyNatural frequency bound
sdo.requirements.PZSettlingTimeSettling time bound
sdo.requirements.SingularValueSingular value bound
sdo.optimizeSolve design optimization problem
sdo.OptimizeOptionsOptimization option set for sdo.optimize function
sdo.getParameterFromModelGet design variables for optimization
sdo.setValueInModelSet design variable value in model
sdo.getValueFromModelGet design variable value from model
sdo.getModelDependenciesList of model file and path dependencies
sdoupdateUpdate model containing Signal Constraint block
getboundsGet bounds specified in Check block
sdo.setCheckBlockEnabledEnable or disable all check blocks in model

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최적화 기본 사항

설계 요구 사항

최적화 속도 개선

응답 최적화기 작업

코드 생성

문제 해결

Optimization Does Not Make Progress

What to do if the optimization stalls or no changes are seen in parameters values.

Optimization Convergence

What to do if the optimization does not satisfy design requirements or takes a long time to converge near a solution, or if the system response becomes unstable.

Optimization Speed and Parallel Computing

What to do if no speedup is seen with parallel computing, if the results are different, or if the optimization stalls.

Undesirable Parameter Values

What to do if optimization gives undesirable parameter values or violates bounds on values.

Reverting to Initial Parameter Values

How to quit optimizing and revert to original values.