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Signal Attributes

신호 특성을 수정하는 블록(예: Data Type Conversion)

Signal Attributes 라이브러리의 블록을 사용하여 신호의 데이터형이나 단위를 변환하고 다른 신호 특성을 조작합니다.


Bus to VectorConvert virtual bus to vector
Data Type Conversion입력 신호를 지정된 데이터형으로 변환
Data Type Conversion InheritedConvert from one data type to another using inherited data type and scaling
Data Type DuplicateForce all inputs to same data type
Data Type PropagationSet data type and scaling of propagated signal based on information from reference signals
Data Type Scaling StripRemove scaling and map to built in integer
IC신호 초기값 설정
ProbeOutput signal attributes, including width, dimensionality, sample time, and complex signal flag
Rate TransitionHandle transfer of data between blocks operating at different rates
Signal ConversionConvert signal to new type without altering signal values
Signal SpecificationSpecify desired dimensions, sample time, data type, numeric type, and other attributes of signal
Unit Conversion단위 변환
Weighted Sample TimeSupport calculations involving sample time
Width입력 벡터의 너비 출력