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Get underlying neural network model of signal anomaly detector

Since R2023a



    m = getModel(d) returns the underlying model of the signal anomaly detector d. m is a dlnetwork and initialized when the detector is trained.


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    Create an object that uses a long short-term memory (LSTM) autoencoder model to detect anomalies in four-channel signals. Use deepSignalAnomalyDetector with default property values.

    D = deepSignalAnomalyDetector(4,"lstmautoencoder");

    Get the underlying neural network model of the LSTM anomaly detector. Use the analyzeNetwork (Deep Learning Toolbox) function to inspect the model.

    M = getModel(D);

    Input Arguments

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    Anomaly detector, specified as a deepSignalAnomalyDetectorCNN object, a deepSignalAnomalyDetectorLSTM object, or a deepSignalAnomalyDetectorLSTMForecaster object. Use the deepSignalAnomalyDetector function to create d.

    Output Arguments

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    Underlying neural network model of detector d, returned as a dlnetwork (Deep Learning Toolbox) object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a