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BLDC Average-Value Inverter

Compute three-phase trapezoidal AC voltage from inverter DC voltage

Since R2023a

Motor Control Blockset / Electrical Systems / Inverters


The BLDC Average-Value Inverter block models an average-value and full-wave inverter. It computes the three-phase trapezoidal voltage output from the inverter DC voltage by using the six duty cycles corresponding to six inverter switches.


These equations describe how the block computes the three-phase AC voltage.





  • Da, Db, Dc, Da', Db', and Dc' are the duty cycles (ranging between 0 and 1) corresponding to the six switches of the inverter (shown in the figure).

  • Va, Vb, and Vc are the output three-phase trapezoidal voltages (volts).

  • Vdc is the DC bus voltage of the inverter (volts).



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Six duty cycles in the range [0, 1] for generating the three-phase voltages that run the motor.

Data Types: single | double | fixed point

DC bus voltage input to the inverter.

Data Types: single | double | fixed point | uint8 | uint16 | uint32


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Three-phase trapezoidal voltage (Volts) corresponding to the input duty cycles that runs the motor.

Data Types: single | double | fixed point

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Version History

Introduced in R2023a