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Display current values of Control Design Blocks in Generalized Model



showBlockValue(M) displays the current values of all Control Design Blocks in the Generalized Model M. For uncertain blocks, the current value is the nominal value of the block.


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Create a tunable genss model.

G = zpk([],[-1 -1],1);
C = tunablePID("C",'PID');
a = realp("a",10);  
F = tf(a,[1 a]);
T = feedback(G*C,1)*F;

Display the current values of blocks in the genss model.

C =
  Ki * ---

  with Ki = 0.001
Name: C
Continuous-time I-only controller.
a = 10

Input Arguments

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Generalized LTI model or matrix, specified as a genss object, genfrd object, or a genmat object. For more information on generalized LTI models, see Generalized and Uncertain LTI Models. For more information on generalized matrices, see Generalized Matrices.


  • After using a tuning command such as systune, you can verify the tuning of free parameters in a model by displaying the current values of that model.

  • showBlockValue displays the current values of all Control Design Blocks in a model, including tunable, uncertain, and switch blocks. To display the current values of only the tunable blocks, use the showTunable function.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b