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Analysis, Benchmarking, and Verification

Antenna and array analysis, meshing, solvers, comparison of Antenna Toolbox™ simulations with measured results

The Antenna Toolbox provides a set of analysis functions. You can use these functions to analyze the different elements in the antenna or array catalog or to analyze the antennas and arrays designed using the design function. Mesh the antennas into discretized triangles for solving analysis equations. Compare Antenna Toolbox simulations with fabricated antennas, measured results, and technical articles.


  • Antenna and Array Analysis
    Port, surface, and field analysis; embedded pattern, pattern multiplication
  • Solvers
    MoM, physical optics, hybrid MoM-PO, wire basis, and FMM solvers
  • Meshing
    Mesh metal antennas into triangles and dielectric into tetrahedra for solving analysis equations
  • Design and Tuning
    Design antennas or arrays at desired frequency; add R, L, and C components to antenna feed or arbitrary locations on antenna surface; use AI-based models to explore design space and tune antennas
  • Benchmarking and Verification
    Compare with measured test results and technical articles