Hardware Support

Raspberry Pi Support from MATLAB Coder

Generate C code and deploy it as a standalone application on a Raspberry Pi

Capabilities and Features

Use MATLAB Coder to generate readable and portable C code from your MATLAB algorithm that can be compiled and executed on any processor by manually integrating the generated code with the RTOS, I/O devices, and build tools for your processor.

MATLAB Coder extends the MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi™ Hardware, which enables automatic integration, execution, and verification of generated code from your MATLAB algorithm on the Raspberry Pi.

With MATLAB, you can design signal processing, computer vision, and image processing algorithms and applications for Raspberry Pi. You can use MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware to log data from supported sensors on your Raspberry Pi computer, and analyze the data in MATLAB to help fine-tune your algorithm.

You can then generate C code from your MATLAB algorithm, and deploy it to run standalone on the Raspberry Pi with MATLAB Coder. Explore an example that guides you through the workflow.

Learn how you can prototype an audio processing application using MATLAB Coder support for Raspberry Pi.

Platform and Release Support

Available on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows®, and 64-bit Linux only.