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Rodney Tan

UCSI University

Last seen: 19일 전 2015 이후 활성

My research area are Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Power Electronics and Power System


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Matlabs square(x) equivalent in Simulink? NOT x^2. square WAVE
There is a Pulse Generator block in Simulink -> Source, where you can configure its magnitude, period and duty cycle to generate...

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I need a matlab code for doing(1d) wavelet decomposition(DWT) in single observation with time
After 1D wavelet decomposition you will obtain a approximate low frequency and a detail high frequency components of your observ...

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Matlabs square(x) equivalent in Simulink? NOT x^2. square WAVE
There is a Math Function block in Simulink -> Math Operation, where you can configure it to perform various math operation inclu...

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wavelet matlab plotting error
The spike appeared at the start and end is the wavelet boundary effect of any given signal. It is cause by zero padding that tak...

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Simulink simscape library block colors
Hi AbdAlla If I am not wrong, you are trying to connect a Simscape Electrical voltage source (blue) to a SimscapePowerSystems L...

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Modelling of PV array in matlab simulink
In MATLAB R2015a SimPowerSystems there is a PVArray block which you can model partial shading. PV module itself is a current so...

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Scope in SIMULINK does not display wave correctly
Hi! Hadi Just change the scope sample time to a faster sample time. For example to set sampling frequency of 15300, you can ente...

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