I need a matlab code for doing(1d) wavelet decomposition(DWT) in single observation with time

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for example: if i done DWT with observation values with time what type results i can get..?? can any one guide me... please....

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Rodney Tan
Rodney Tan 2016년 10월 19일
After 1D wavelet decomposition you will obtain a approximate low frequency and a detail high frequency components of your observation signal in time.
Example code from Matlab Help load noisdopp; [A,D] = dwt(noisdopp,'sym4');
A is your (Approximate) low frequency signal D is your (Detail) high frequency signal sym4 is the mother wavelet (namely symlet 4) used to decompose the signal. It determine how well it decompose the signal. So you need to know the observation signal and application well for you to choose the right mother wavelet. You will notice the resultant decompose time samples are half of the original time sample.
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