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what is the units of angle random walk in (Inertial Sensor Noise Analysis)
Yea, it isnt clear in the documentation. ARW is (rad/s)/√Hz. RRW is (rad/s)(√Hz). Bias instability is rad/s. You can tel...

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How to get the original Image matrix from the Integral Image of a N*N matrix?
To supplement stephens answer, you can also use the Matlab function "diff": >>II = [0,0,0,0,0;0,1,3,6,10;0,6,14,24,36;0,15,33,...

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The installer gets to 97% and then says insert DVD 2 to continue but am not installing from a DVD, am running a setup.exe file provided by my university.
if you are installing them from a directory (i.e an extracted ISO), you can rename the DVD1 directory to "DVD1_bak" and then ren...

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SOS Filter - How To Manually Apply Scale Values?
@Brennan Kilty, I had the same issue and I believe I figured it out. I used Matlabs filterbuilder() GUI to create a filter struc...

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Display full file name in the script editor
I had the same issue, and the workaround fix given by Hiep Dang worked. Thanks!

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stereo calibration intrinsics are different than single camera calibration
I suspect that in stereo calibration, as both cameras are calibrated simultenously, one cameras calibratin might componsate for ...

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