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The installer gets to 97% and then says insert DVD 2 to continue but am not installing from a DVD, am running a setup.exe file provided by my university.

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Josh Loyd
Josh Loyd 2 Jan 2017
댓글: Eren Esin 23 Mar 2021
Matlab won't finish installing as requires "DVD 2" but am not installing from a disk and there are no files available to run in the DVD 2 file extracted from the compressed Matlab folder.


Pak Ming Chung
Pak Ming Chung 12 Oct 2017
편집: Pak Ming Chung 12 Oct 2017
Make sure you eject dvd1 before proceeding.
Download Virtual Clone Drive.Click on the top arrow icon on the right bottom side of your Desktop screen. Right click the Virtual Clone Drive Icon. Find the drive where dvd1 file was kept in (mine was H:). Click Mount and find the dvd2 file. dvd2 file is now mounted in the same drive as dvd1 (H:). Now go back to the MATLAB installer and click ok to overwrite the error. This should work and I hope it helps.

Muhammad Awais Manzoor
After downloading iso formats of both cd. cd1(around 7 GB) and cd2(arounf 2.5 GB), do the following steps: 1). Unmount CD1 and install that.
2). then it would ask you to eject cd1 and insert CD2 at this point you have to open My Computer and from there you have to eject CD1 by right clicking on it.(but rememeber the drive name)
3). Now unmount CD2(but be careful because the drive name for CD2 must match the drive name of CD1).
4). Now press OK on the pop up which was asking for inserting CD2.
Done. Now it should be installed.
That worked for me and i hope that would work for everyone.
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hendaryie tjoeng
hendaryie tjoeng 12 Mar 2018
just copy disk 1 and disk 2 data to 1 folder and install it
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Diarmaid Cualain
Diarmaid Cualain 10 Jan 2019
if you are installing them from a directory (i.e an extracted ISO), you can rename the DVD1 directory to "DVD1_bak" and then rename the "DVD2" directory to "DVD1", then go back to the GUI where it is asking you to insert DVD2 and click on "OK". The installation should continue then.

rui kang
rui kang 12 Jul 2019
편집: rui kang 12 Jul 2019
When installing matlab2018a to 59%
Request to pop up dvd1 and insert dvd2 to continue
Since my two files R2018a_glnxa64_dvd1 and R2018a_glnxa64_dvd2 are not merged together
I canceled the installation
Then merge the two files together
Always prompt when installing again
“Unable to locate required installation files
Using a File Installation Key requires you run the installer from a MATLAB
DVD or from a directory which contains files previously downloaded via the
To obtain the missing files, click Back on the previous screen and select
Log in with a MathWorks Account or contact your MATLAB license
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