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what is the units of angle random walk in (Inertial Sensor Noise Analysis)

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Diarmaid Cualain
Diarmaid Cualain 4 Mar 2021
편집: Diarmaid Cualain 4 Mar 2021
Yea, it isnt clear in the documentation.
  • ARW is (rad/s)/√Hz.
  • RRW is (rad/s)(√Hz).
  • Bias instability is rad/s.
You can tell, because at the end of the guide they use the function where the units are listed.
  • ARW is also called N, white noise, noise density or power spectral density of sensor noise.
  • RRW is also called K, red noise, Brownian noise. It is the integrated white noise.
  • Bias instability is also called B, pink noise, flicker, or instability of the bias offset
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Mazen Maged
Mazen Maged 16 Apr 2021
Hi Diarmaid,
Could you explain what are the units of Allan Variance and Allan Deviation used in the example? I think they should depend on the units of omega (rad/s)?

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