Michael Habermann

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Did a log of embedded software and data analysis.

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, C, Java, C#, MATLAB, SQL, Perl, Assembly, Fortran, VHDL, Visual Basic
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English, German, Chinese


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How can I set up parameters DelayTime and Loopcount when using exportgraphics for producing a gif file?
You can use imwrite which supports both settings:

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Converting table elements to individual arrays and assigning the same header
t = table(); t.col_a = [1;2;3]; t.col_b = [10;11;12] column_names = t.Properties.VariableNames; for i = 1:numel(column_names...

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Need a to plot a graph
close all; clear; H1 = 11; %in H2 = 5; %in m r1 = 3.5; %in m r2 = 6; %in m h_low = 0:11 Vtotal_low = pi*r1*r1*h_low % V...

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