How can I set up parameters DelayTime and Loopcount when using exportgraphics for producing a gif file?

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I am trying to create a gif file using exprtgraphics. When I use
exportgraphics(gcf, filename, Append = true, DelayTime = 0.4)
I get an error: "Error using exportgraphics Illegal option 'delaytime' given." The same happens if I try to set Loopcount. I couldn't find an example or explanation in the MathWorks documents. I tried the "old way"
frame = getframe(gcf);
im = frame2im(frame);
[imind,cmf] = rgb2ind(im,256);
imwrite(imind,cmf,filename,'gif','WriteMode','append', 'DelayTime',0.4);
This works but the exportgraphics command is easier to use and makes a prettier gif.
So, how can I set up the parameters in exportgraphics?

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist 2022년 8월 26일
@Ludmila Kuncheva - those options are not available with exportgraphics (you can find the documentation for exportgraphics here). You may wish to contact support to request an enhancement

Michael Habermann
Michael Habermann 2023년 2월 9일
편집: DGM 님. 2023년 2월 9일
You can use imwrite which supports both settings:


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