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Returns signed angle between two 3-D vectors in plane spanning them with direction determined either by the right hand rule or s...

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unable to use Aerospace Blockset function eci2ecef
Try importing Python's pymap3d package and using it instead as described at:

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passing numpy.ndarray from Python to Matlab
The following answer is about a numpy array created in Python, not in MATLAB. The Python module pymatmap3d was something like: ...

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What is missing from MATLAB #2 - the next decade edition
Ability to convert Python items to MATLAB data types (other than numpy arrays) inside of MATLAB, rather than inside of Python us...

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What parts of MATLAB would you not miss?
Admin permission required to install python API. No other python modules I have ever used require this: https://www.mathworks....

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MATLAB Crashes when Using Conda Environment Other than Base
For a conda environment named "useFromMATLAB", the following code works in Windows 10/Anaconda 3. Note that if you are debuggin...

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Python API Setup: environments how to get Matlab to use other env as interpeter??
Check this answer out if using Anaconda:

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Make 3-D vector(s) have unit length via normalization.

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Project a vector onto a plane defined by a normal vector.

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Calculates an approximate position of the Sun at a given UTC time (vector) in Earth-centered inertial (ECI) coordinates.

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