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Modelling a Quadrotor with Simmechanics
Hi @Leonardo Araujo, You can do the CAD modelling in Inventor/Solidoworks and import the model into simulink. This way it would ...

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Simulink cant open any file, any format
Hello @Ivan Listin, The File Solid can read Parasolid files, which typically have the extension x_t. Perhaps the file you have...

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Why my assembly doesn't move in simscape multibody
Hello @Xiaolin Wang, I hope you found your solution. If not, I've a couple of ideas. Firstly, as there is no motion specified t...

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Simscape Multibody: How can I measure a force of a Prismatic Joint?
Hello @Pasquale Sacco If I understand your problem, you are trying to find the reaction force of translating block on the rotati...

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Error while using smimport
Hello, This error also occured when I'm running the code. If your problem is not resolved try the following Remove apostrophe...

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if i can install the SimMechanics link plug-in on SolidWorks®?
Hey Hi, If I understand right, You are trying to export CAD model from Solidworks as a XML format along with .step or .stl form...

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How to change Simulink Block properties from Command Window
Hello Everyone, I'm trying to change a block properties from command window. For example, in, "Revolute Joint: Revolute" How ...

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