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Why my assembly doesn't move in simscape multibody

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Xiaolin Wang
Xiaolin Wang 16 Jun 2019
I'm try to learn how to use simscape multibody. I've followed all the procedures to make a simulation and up till the animation part. The assembly is just a wheel attached to a motor and I used concentric and coincident mate. I also checked that the wheel could rotate with my mouse draging one side of the wheel. Attached the simulink diagram generated by matlab. I'm open to any possibly to check where is wrong.
simulation problem.JPG


Yatish Chandra Chitluri
Hello @Xiaolin Wang, I hope you found your solution. If not, I've a couple of ideas.
Firstly, as there is no motion specified to the joint nor a force specified to a frame, So, I don't expect the wheel to rotate.
Secondly, I'm guessing gravity will not be causing any rotation.
So, I suggest you to give a motion/force to the revolute joint (like direct kinematics) or you can try defining a frame movement on the wheel using, "bushing joint" (like Inverse Kinematics)
In Revolute joint, Try Torque-Automatically computed and Motion - Provided by Input, (remeber that units of motion here are radians). simply use any source and Simulink-PS Convertor.
Or you can the other way,Torque - Provided by Input and Motion- Automatically computed. Either way, take care of Units
I hope this helps. Good luck!

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