Quadcopter Drone Model in Simscape

버전 (6.47 MB) 작성자: Steve Miller
Quadcopter with multibody, electrical and thermal models follows a path to deliver a package.
다운로드 수: 10.6K
업데이트 날짜: 2023/12/6
This example models a quadcopter that navigates a path to deliver a package.
  • Electric motors and battery enable estimation of current draw and drone range
  • CAD files of the chassis and propellers model the mechanical system
  • Cascaded PID controllers adjust motor speeds to control altitude and attitude
  • Path following and speed controllers provide high-level commands
  • Python queries to a weather database obtain location-specific wind conditions
  • Wind gust profiles test stability of drone controllers
  • Profitability analysis in a MATLAB App enables exploring technical and business tradeoffs
Open the project file Quadcopter_Drone.prj to get started.
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