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COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities (Jul 2014)

버전 (67 KB) 작성자: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera
MATLAB color utilities including COLORMAP join and interpolation; freeze and fit COLORBAR, etc.

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업데이트 날짜: 2014/7/3

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These are some utilities that improve the COLORMAP and COLORBAR functions. They are as follows, and each one includes help and examples:

COLORMAP utilites:
cmapping - Colormap linear mapping/interpolation.
cmfit - Sets the COLORMAP and CAXIS to specific color bands.
cmjoin - Joins colormaps at certain levels.
cmlines - Change the color of plotted lines using the colormap.

COLORBAR utilities:
cbfit - Changes COLORMAP and CAXIS to fit between colorbar's ticks.
cbfreeze - Freezes the colormap of a colorbar.
cbhandle - Gets the handle of current colorbar or its peer axes.
cblabel - Adds a label to the colorbar.
cbunits - Adds units (and ISU prefixes) to the colorbar ticklabels.
Following functions I submitted here previously were renamed to:
Enjoy it!
Bugs reports and suggestions will be very appreciated!

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Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera (2022). COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities (Jul 2014) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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