COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities (Jul 2014)

MATLAB color utilities including COLORMAP join and interpolation; freeze and fit COLORBAR, etc.
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These are some utilities that improve the COLORMAP and COLORBAR functions. They are as follows, and each one includes help and examples:

COLORMAP utilites:
cmapping - Colormap linear mapping/interpolation.
cmfit - Sets the COLORMAP and CAXIS to specific color bands.
cmjoin - Joins colormaps at certain levels.
cmlines - Change the color of plotted lines using the colormap.

COLORBAR utilities:
cbfit - Changes COLORMAP and CAXIS to fit between colorbar's ticks.
cbfreeze - Freezes the colormap of a colorbar.
cbhandle - Gets the handle of current colorbar or its peer axes.
cblabel - Adds a label to the colorbar.
cbunits - Adds units (and ISU prefixes) to the colorbar ticklabels.
Following functions I submitted here previously were renamed to:
Enjoy it!
Bugs reports and suggestions will be very appreciated!

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Added 'upE' and 'normal' extra options for CBUNITS. Fixed bugs related with input reading (thanks to Maxime Desbiens).

CBUNITS Fixed small bug with '1' unit.

Fixed 'log' scale bugs in CBUNITS.

Changed CBUNITS: Forces same decimals on labels. Scientific notation may be 'eN', '1/eN' or SI prefix.

Rewritten CB codes with new optional inputs. Fixed bugs concerned with scientific notation. Included prefix notation like 'M' instead of 'x10^6'. Not tested for log scale.

Fixed bug related with colorbar title position, by Chris Rapson.

Fixed some bugs on CBUNITS and CBFIT.

Fixed BUGs on CBFREEZE (thanks to Sergio Muniz) and CMAPPING (thanks to Andrea Rumazza).

Fixed bug in CBHANDLE with colorbar handle input

Fixed small bug with 'm' magenta color on CMAPPING. Added files versions on Contents.m