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This one-day course presents different ways in which MATLAB® can be used as a teaching tool. Attendees will learn how to use Live Editor, MATLAB Grader, and AppDesigner for the purpose of explaining concepts and grading automatically.

Topics include:

  • Creating interactive live scripts
  • Adding problems and reference solutions to MATLAB Grader for automatic assessments
  • Using App Designer to create graphical applications that can be used for teaching

Day 1 of 1 

Teaching with Interactive Live Scripts

Objective: Use Live Editor to create an interactive script.

  • Creating a new live script
  • Importing data
  • Visualizing data and inserting section breaks
  • Adding Live Editor controls
  • Adding Live Editor tasks
  • Formatting a live script
  • Inserting images, equations, and hyperlinks
  • Learning the View menu features

Assessing Student Work

Objective: Add a problem with its respective reference solution to the MATLAB Grader.

  • Adding new problems to MATLAB Grader
  • Learning the requirements for a MATLAB Grader problem
  • Adding a functional reference solution

Teaching with Interactive Apps

Objective: Use App Designer to create and share an app by laying out components and giving them interactive behavior.

  • Working in the App Designer interface
  • Adding callbacks to components
  • Programming callback functionality
  • Sharing apps with others

Appendix A: Working on the Cloud and Sharing Content

Objective: Use MATLAB Drive™ to share files with course collaborators and students.

  • Organizing content for sharing
  • Sharing with individuals and groups
  • Working with shared Folders

Level: Fundamental


  • Undergraduate-level mathematics and experience with basic computer operations and MATLAB Onramp

Duration: 1 day

Languages: English

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