Wavelets information




waveinfo provides information on all wavelets within the toolbox.

waveinfo('wname') provides information on the wavelet family whose short name is specified by 'wname'. Available family short names are listed in the table below.

Wavelet Family Short Name

Wavelet Family Name


Haar wavelet


Daubechies wavelets






Biorthogonal wavelets


Fejer-Korovkin filters


Reverse biorthogonal wavelets


Meyer wavelet


Discrete approximation of Meyer wavelet


Gaussian wavelets


Mexican hat wavelet (also known as Ricker wavelet)


Morlet wavelet


Complex Gaussian wavelets


Shannon wavelets


Frequency B-Spline wavelets


Complex Morlet wavelets

The family short names can also be user-defined ones (see wavemngr for more information).

waveinfo('wsys') provides information on wavelet packets.



DBINFO Information on Daubechies wavelets. 
Daubechies Wavelets 
General characteristics: Compactly supported 
wavelets with extremal phase and highest 
number of vanishing moments for a given 
support width. Associated scaling filters are 
minimum-phase filters. 

Family          Daubechies 
Short name      db 
Order N         N strictly positive integer 
Examples        db1 or haar, db4, db15 

Orthogonal      yes 
Biorthogonal    yes 
Compact support yes 
DWT             possible 
CWT             possible 

Support width   2N-1 
Filters length  2N 
Regularity      about 0.2 N for large N 
Symmetry        far from 
Number of vanishing moments for psi     N 

Reference:   I. Daubechies, 
Ten lectures on wavelets CBMS, SIAM, 61, 1994, 194-202.

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Introduced before R2006a