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Wavelets information


waveinfo provides information on all wavelets within the toolbox.


waveinfo(wname) provides information on the wavelet family associated with the wavelet short name wname.

waveinfo('wsys') provides information on wavelet packets.


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Obtain information regarding the Daubechies wavelets.

 Information on Daubechies wavelets.
    Daubechies Wavelets
    General characteristics: Compactly supported 
    wavelets with extremal phase and highest 
    number of vanishing moments for a given 
    support width. Associated scaling filters are
    minimum-phase filters.
    Family                  Daubechies
    Short name              db
    Order N                 N a positive integer from 1 to 45.
    Examples                db1 or haar, db4, db15
    Orthogonal              yes
    Biorthogonal            yes
    Compact support         yes
    DWT                     possible
    CWT                     possible
    Support width           2N-1
    Filters length          2N
    Regularity              about 0.2 N for large N
    Symmetry                far from
    Number of vanishing 
    moments for psi         N
    Reference: I. Daubechies, 
    Ten lectures on wavelets, 
    CBMS, SIAM, 61, 1994, 194-202.

Input Arguments

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Wavelet family short name, specified as a character vector or string scalar. The wavelet family short name can be for a user-defined wavelet (see wavemngr for more information) or one of the values listed here.

Wavelet Family Short Name

Wavelet Family Name


Haar wavelet


Daubechies wavelets






Biorthogonal wavelets


Fejér-Korovkin filters


Reverse biorthogonal wavelets


Meyer wavelet


Discrete approximation of Meyer wavelet


Gaussian wavelets


Mexican hat wavelet (also known as Ricker wavelet)


Morlet wavelet


Complex Gaussian wavelets


Shannon wavelets


Frequency B-Spline wavelets


Complex Morlet wavelets

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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