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Allocation Editor

Create and manage model-to-model allocations

Since R2020b


Use the Allocation Editor in System Composer™ to establish traceable and directed relationships between architectural elements. Allocate components, ports, and connectors in a source model to architectural elements in a target model.

You can use allocations to establish relationships from software components to hardware components and to indicate deployment strategies. Allocate different instances of components, ports, and connectors and use allocations to perform various analyses, for example, resource-based allocation analysis.

Allocation Editor Tool

Open the Allocation Editor


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Create a new allocation set saved as an MLDATX file. Within the allocation set, add allocation scenarios.

To launch the Profile Editor from the Allocation Editor, click Profile Editor Profile Editor icon, or click the Profile Editor arrow arrow icon and select Profile Editor. To import the XML file for a saved profile to your current allocation set, click the Profile Editor arrow arrow icon and select Import Import icon.

Add an allocation scenario in the selected allocation set. Within the allocation scenario, allocate elements between two architecture models.

This button synchronizes any changes that have been made in the source or target models of the allocation set. To synchronize changes programmatically, see synchronizeChanges.

Choose a row filter and a column filter. Filter all allocation scenarios by a combination of the following options:

  • Port

  • Connector

  • Component

  • Allocated

  • Un-Allocated

You can also filter by one or more stereotypes.

Select Clear All Filters to clear every filter, Clear Row Filters to clear row filters, or Clear Column Filters to clear column filters.

Programmatic Use

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systemcomposer.allocation.editor opens the Allocation Editor from the MATLAB Command Window.

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b