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Inspect Components in Custom Architecture Views

View the hierarchy and connectivity of a component in a specialized view. Specialized views allow you to create simpler diagrams that show only a subset of the original model elements for a specific design activity or concern.

You will use the System Composer™ architecture model below in this tutorial.

Mobile Robot Architecture Model with Properties

This example shows a mobile robot architecture model with stereotypes applied to components and properties defined.

Inspect the Component and Its Connectivity

Create views dynamically using spotlight views.

  1. Double-click the Sensors component, then select the DataProcessing component.

  2. Right-click the DataProcessing component and select Create Spotlight from Component. Alternatively, select the DataProcessing component and navigate to Modeling > Views > Architecture Views > Spotlight.

    The spotlight view launches and shows all model elements to which the DataProcessing component connects. The spotlight diagram is laid out automatically and cannot be edited. However, it allows you to inspect just a single component and study its connectivity to other components.


    Spotlight views are transient. They are not saved with the model.

    Spotlight view of the data processing component.

  3. Shift the spotlight to another component. Select the Motion component. Click the ellipsis above the component to open the action menu. To create a spotlight from the component, click .

    Selected spotlight from the motion component.

    To view the architecture model at the level of a particular component, select the component and click .

    Show motion component in composition.

  4. Return to the architecture model view by clicking .

Create a Filtered Architecture View

Create filtered architecture views to demonstrate specific perspectives with a component diagram or a hierarchy diagram.

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Views > Architecture Views to open the Architecture Views Gallery.

  2. Select New view New > View to create a new view.

  3. In View Properties on the right pane, in the Name box, enter a name for this view, for example, System Elements. If necessary, choose a Color and enter a Description.

    A new view named System Elements.

  4. In the bottom pane, select View Configurations > Filter > Add Component Filter to add new form-based criterion to a component filter.

  5. From the Select list, select Components. From the Where list, select Stereotype. In the text box, select simpleProfile.sysComponent from the list.

    The filter for the view.

  6. Click Apply Apply.

    An architecture view is created using the query in the Component Filter box. The view is filtered to select all components with the simpleProfile.sysComponent stereotype applied to them.

    A component diagram view.

  7. Navigate to Diagram > Component Hierarchy to display the components in tree form with parents above children.

    A component hierarchy view.

  8. Navigate to Diagram > Architecture Hierarchy to display unique architecture types and their relationships using composition connections.

    An architecture hierarchy view.

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