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접지, 그리고 신호의 종료, 분리, 결합을 위해 커넥터 블록을 사용합니다.

Simscape 블록

Busbar부하 흐름 분석 부스바 커넥터 (R2019b 이후)
Busbar (DC)Load flow analysis DC busbar connector (R2022a 이후)
Delta Reference (Three-Phase)Internal reference point for delta-connected network
Electrical Reference전기 접지에 연결
Floating Neutral (Three-Phase)Internal floating neutral point for wye-connected network
Floating ReferenceReference for measuring voltage of other nodes in floating electrical network (R2023b 이후)
Grounded Neutral (Three-Phase)Connect phases of three-phase system to electrical reference
Neutral Port (Three-Phase)Connect phases of three-phase system to electrical conserving port
Open CircuitElectrical port terminator that draws no current
Open Circuit (Three-Phase)Three-phase terminator that draws no current
Phase PermutePermute phases of three-phase system
Phase SplitterExpand or combine three electrical conserving ports
PS Three-Element DemuxConvert three-element physical signal vector into scalar physical signals

도움말 항목

  • Essential Electrical Modeling Techniques

    Apply Simscape™ modeling rules when you build electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system networks using Simscape Electrical™.

  • Three-Phase Ports

    Connect three-phase blocks using composite ports for three-phase lines or expanded ports for single-phase lines.